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CREER's Microloans Program is focused on helping to support the natives to "keep up" as times are rapidly changing in the rural villages in Costa Rica. Farming is no longer a sustainable industry for the many "campesinos" in villages, such as La Florida. In addition, many women, who traditionally only worked in the home, are interested in creating ways to bring in their own income. 

  CREER is helping to contribute resources to aid in the establishing of new businesses in the villages. Each business that is started is a vision thought of by the Tico's themselves, and is only supported by CREER after a clear plan and an application is presented. CREER's MP (microloans program) works with "microloans". All contributions made by CREER will be expected to be paid back as income begins to be generated from the businesses being formed. The pay back ensures that there will be more funds to begin other projects, and it is an incentive to the new business owners to work to generate revenue to move forward with their personal income after CREER is paid back.  

CREER's pilot project for the MP is a clothing company that is being started by our neighbors Angela and Mixi Flores. They have been working extensively with textiles, attending several schools, and working daily on projects for their family and others in the village. Angela and Mixi have been working with Luna to help build their vision of a new clothing company "Sunflower Clothing".