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CREER’s  School Bridge program is an attempt to make this walk in life a bit easier, improving the potential the children have in this village and the surrounding villages in rural Costa Rica. This program is seeking schools, here in the privileged United States, to create a School Bridge which reaches from there school to the La Florida school and schools in the surrounding villages of Costa Rica.

            When schools join the School Bridge program, they will be linked together with a school in one of the villages in rural Costa Rica. The children at both schools will begin a pen-pal relationship with each student learning about each others cultures, interests, and developing a friend from a different country.

            CREER through there in-depth research has been discovering the core “needs” in these schools. From these needs we will to provide strategies for the US schools to fundraise for the school they are bridged with. The donations will be used help the schools in these less fortunate areas and complete the building of the symbolic International School Bridge. CREER will provide monthly updates on the progress of the projects that come from the donations, including pictures and video.

            Through the School Program it is our belief that we can help aid and balance the financial abundance that we have in the United States, sharing and supporting the children of the world.


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